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5 tips on working from home

5 Tips on working from home.

Turn Working From into an Office Routine.
Every Tom, Dick, and Harry, who works remotely, have to figure out when to work, where to work, and how to create boundaries between work and personal life. What about office equipment, career development, training opportunities, and building relationships with colleagues? Working remotely, especially when working from home most of the time, means figuring out these issues and others. Here are six tips for leading a better and more productive remote-working life.

1. Keep work time and personal time separate

Keeping work time and personal time compartmentalized also helps you stay productive while you’re at work, and reduces stress when you aren’t at work. In the same way that you scheduled your work hours, schedule, communicate and plan when you will not be available to work. For example, if you like to take evenings to spend time with family, make sure you communicate that you aren’t available for work during that time. And then hold yourself to that commitment!

2. Create an at-home office

It might be tempting to work from your couch, easy-chair, or even from your bed, but this could take a significant toll on your productivity. Try to always work from a consistent room, desk, or chair, to tell your brain that its time for work, not relaxation.
You are likely to feel more alert, more confident, and more organized. Try setting up a desk where you always work. Set yourself up with a comfy, supportive chair, a spacious office, and consistent workplace tools. Make sure to personalize your space. After all, you will be spending much time there!

3. Make Inspiration Playlist

A significant advantage of working from home is that you can’t distract your coworkers. Go ahead and play those pumped-up jams loud and proud, if that’s what gets you moving. Or try a more soothing soundtrack, with nature sounds, instrumental music, or even by leaving the windows open to let the sounds from outside come in. If you’re doing a repetitive task, an audiobook or podcast may also be what you need to keep moving.
Try a few things to find what works best for you.

4. Establish a firm quitting time

A set quitting time helps us feel we have psychological control over our work. It also establishes boundaries and a sense of routine.
Children who are accustomed to timed periods, bells for breaks and a set time to go home still require structure and routine to make them feel safe, especially during these uncertain times. For children and adults, setting a timer and establishing the norm that work-time has a beginning and an end can signal familiar patterns like the workplace and school, and lead to more productive behaviours for sharing space.

5. Beware of emails and calls claims.

Be wary of emails even from people you know as email and calls can be faked. Never reveal confidential information unless you are confident that the person you’re telling is genuine, and even then ask yourself if they are entitled to the information
In order not to fall victim of ongoing cyber crimes which is mostly as a result of COVID-19 pandemic, please observe the following precautions:

  • Beware of and verify emails or phone calls claiming to be from NCDC, WHO or Government, especially when such emails request your banking information or to click on a link. Visit official websites of relevant organizations for desired information;
  • Avoid clicking on links or attachments in emails that claim to have more information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Avoid downloading mobile apps from untrusted sources; and
  • Obtain relief package or other information from trusted news media.

While we work to keep safe physically and prevent further spread of the virus, members of the public should endeavour to apply caution to beat not just the COVID-19 virus but also the Cybercriminals seeking to take advantage of it’s spread for the nefarious acts.

*Please note that as a bank, we will not request for sensitive account information such as ATM card number, PIN & CVV, USSD PIN, BVN or any other sensitive details*

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