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Abbey at 26


You are now 26 years old…

That being said, I would like to think of ABBEY as a woman. (A beautiful and bold woman).

I wonder….What would a 26 year old woman look like to you?

In Nigeria, that woman would have left the University, probably leaving NYSC and thinking about the next big step in life with her parents hinting at marriage.

She has to keep herself open to suitors while making herself attractive.

Surely a 26 year old woman is experienced, matured and not starry-eyed.

Surely she is not easily fooled by blandishments, she has an idea where she wants to be and knows what she wants.

This is not far from ABBEY’s journey in the last 26 years.

A big strong mortgage bank, consolidating her place in the mortgage sector and preparing for the next big thing in the mortgage sub sector of the financial industry, while keeping herself open to investors and stakeholders.

The journey has been up and there.. The E-BANKING team preparing us towards a more convenient banking experiences for our customers with their strong-arm digitization and fine-tuning of all e-channels to make all smooth and sweet.

Everyone has been wonderful and giving that extra push!

This is the year we will consolidate stronger and even be at par with the commercial banks.

What are your expectations for the new year and beyond?

3 thoughts on “Abbey at 26

  1. Congratulations on your achievements in the past 26 years! I wish the bank greater heights and achievements in the future in Jesus name!!

  2. Congratulations to Abbey Mortgage Bank on your achievements in the past 26 years, wishing you greater achievement ahead.

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