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About Abbey Mortgage Bank

Home ownership is a priority for most Nigerians. However, the accessibility has remained a dream for a significant proportion of the population due to limited sources of suitable financing and limited access to affordable housing.


Abbey Mortgage Bank Plc is offering through its involvement in the housing and mortgage sectors to make this dream a reality.
Abbey Mortgage Bank Plc is the premier, largest and most profitable, non-aligned Primary Mortgage Bank in Nigeria.

Abbey is one of the seven national Primary Mortgage Banks (PMB) licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria and Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN). The recent recapitalization exercise saw the down size from 105 mortgage banks to only 34 now surviving. We not only emerged successfully capitalized but one of the few that also met our National obligation as well as amongst the public liability companies.

Abbey Mortgage Bank Plc focuses on providing economical housing units for interested home seekers/developers/cooperatives who desire a well-structured mortgage offer. Further to this, we also keep our customers abreast with financial activities as well as provide high quality customer service.

The Abbey Mortgage Bank Plc housing and mortgage products are available to all Nigerians resident in the country. If you need help finding a property to buy, we can provide advice and assistance in helping in you make the right choice.

Abbey Mortgage Bank Plc is a Primary Mortgage Bank which operates under the supervision of the Central Bank of Nigeria. Our business is providing banking services in personal savings and investments, cash management, specialized banking, deposit and funds management, children and school account services, real estate and mortgage services, amongst others.

We are also an accredited Primary Mortgage Bank (PMB) for the National Housing Fund (NHF) and a subscriber to the recently created Nigerian Mortgage Refinance Company Plc (NMRC).

Our services include the following:

  • Retail banking (corporate and individual)
  • Wholesale banking (corporate and individual)
  • Mortgage banking
  • Lending and Mortgages (Retail and wholesale)
  • Electronic banking

Our Role in the Mortgage Sector

Our role in Nigeria’s mortgage sector is to continuously find ways of:

  • Reducing barriers to home ownership;
  • Lowering initial and total cost of home ownership;
  • Giving everyone the opportunity to own a home irrespective of income status, race, sex, ethic, etc…

Why do we think this is important at Abbey Mortgage Bank Plc? …

“Because having a safe place to call home strengthens families, communities and our country as a whole”.

Our Business

Our Business is to provide one of the basic needs of man – Shelter – the dream of every Nigerian. At Abbey Mortgage Bank Plc, we are passionately involved in making this dream a reality. Hence our payoff

“…we make homes happen”

We are engaged in the provision of mortgage and banking services to corporate and individual customers.

  • We have access to the fund from the Nigerian Mortgage Refinancing Company (NMRC) for lending to our customers.
  • We are an accredited primary mortgage bank (PMB) for the National Housing Fund (NHF) on-lending facilities


ABBEY is engaged in loans, mortgages and banking services to corporate and individual customers. Specifically, ABBEY provides services such as:

Conventional savings, current and other retail banking services;

  • Deposit and funds management;
  • Personal loans;
  • Real estate and mortgage services;
  • Children and school account services;
  • Syndicated project development and financing; and
  • Collaborative business ventures that bring convenience to our stakeholders

ABBEY is an accredited primary mortgage bank (PMB) for the National Housing Funding (NHF) on-lending facilities.
We offer various mortgage and investment products, guidance and advisory services to corporate organizations and individuals to empower them to access housing finance. We also finance and facilitate the provision of mortgage and real estate related services to respond to their needs.  These services include and are not limited to:

Loan and Advances

These are a few of the criteria and lending guidelines we look at before we grant a loan. 
Lending criteria: We take the overall business and financial risk of your business into consideration when evaluating your loan application.

Mortgage and House Related Products and Services:

  • Home Refinancing
  • National Housing Fund Loan to housing cooperatives and groups

In addition, ABBEY also offers wholesale banking services such as:

  • Mortgage home loans (Individual, Corporate and cooperatives)
  • Construction Finance
  • Estate Development Loan (EDL)
  • Co-operative Home Development Scheme
  • School Development loan