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Empowering Women by Appreciation, Respect and Love

It’s the month of March, which we also refer to as “Women’s Month”, as it encompasses the International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. A period dedicated to highlighting remarkable contributions of women world over. For us, it is thrilling as this March marks the 28th Anniversary of Abbey Mortgage Bank Plc, a company that we built from ground-up, with a team of dependable men and women.

Women’s Month holds a great significance and an annual custom where womenfolk are celebrated, appreciated, loved, and shown extra care by our loved ones and the society at large. It is also a period where the older women consciously instill a high level of self-awareness and relevance to the younger girls, who are becoming more confident in themselves with the knowledge being gained and garnered as they mark the Women’s Day. A day that is celebrated in schools and colleges, not only in Nigeria but also all over the world. These actions subconsciously instill into their young minds that they are valuable and capable of achieving anything they put their hearts into.


Empowering women has always been something that excites us, and we are fulfilled knowing that we have been part of raising our fellow women. Not only by supporting them but also by helping them build their businesses, schools, and various fields.

We have had the opportunity to provide a platform for greater growth, which we all now celebrate through the sustainable business es they have established.

For the women and those who love them, we need to recognize the importance of building a network of all women in our lives/society and motivate them for greater future achievement.

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We celebrate every woman out there who is holding down in their business, careers, spiritual front, and family, bringing about that perfect balance!

The tribute to female empowerment cannot end without appreciating the men who have supported us women in making our dreams a reality. We would, therefore, like to say thank you to the husbands, fathers, partners, business associates, stakeholders, and colleagues who continue to support us in our journey.

Thank you.

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