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It was a new beginning for us on 11 March 1992 as we were excited to see our dream become a reality. It was our first chance to start something great!

Abbey Building Society, then named at our Eleganza Plaza, Apapa office, with the pioneer staff besides the MD/CEO, Mrs. Rose Ada Okwechime, was born.

It had finally become a reality, after much preparation from January 1992. We started with the dream of providing affordable housing finance for all to be able to own their homes, and with our bare hands, passion and drive, we were ready to build on this hope to fulfil the dreams of others too.

We went out on the streets as well as other areas within our local community; Apapa and Wharf, with leaflets every morning to market potential customers. There were no computers, so we used ledgers with manual entries; our culture then was to stay and help each other reconcile, call-over and balance our books before we all retired home for the day. This culture of conclusiveness continues today.

We never knew what targets were but now we do know!
We were given account-opening forms and flyers and would go from flat to flat, house to house, and even shop to shop, raising awareness of our products and services and subsequently started building new customer relationships.

One of the most memorable parts of our marketing experience will be the joint business partnership we had with Seaview, a company into the dredging and selling of sharp sand. With a smart and financially savvy management, the Bank’s strategy to ensure that the funds did not leave the coffers, about the idea of having some of the Bank’s staff as part of the sales team. This ensured that proceeds were channeled appropriately into Abbey.

One great lesson learnt was that the mortgage sector is huge, and includes the various networks and chains of activities that ensure a building / structure stands and can be called a home.

Here we are, still growing strong and doing even greater things in the mortgage sector of today, this we can attribute to our passion, the drive of our wonderful MD, dynamic leadership, support of the Board of Directors and most especially, our loyal customers like you! .

We survived and Abbey has become the great Institution it is today…

We are still here; here to stay…

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