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Classic Prepaid Card

For your everyday errands and those who help you make them

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Are you uncomfortable using your regular debit cards for online purchases and would prefer a prepaid card?
Do you want to monitor your driver’s fuel expenditure or your maid’s purchases during an errand?
Do you need to separate your household and utility bill payments e.g. PHCN or water bills immediately after your salary is paid?

Then you need the Abbey Classic Prepaid Card!

The Abbey Classic Prepaid card is an all-purpose Naira denominated card designed to provide ultimate convenience, flexibility, security and is ideal for making casual purchases at supermarkets and shops, purchasing fuel at filling stations and so much more!
Unlike other cards, this Classic card is pre-paid which means that you will have to load money on the card prior to use.

Key Features

  • Nation-wide acceptance
  • 24/7 access to your funds.
  • Secured affordable

Features and Benefits

  • Activate by changing your PIN on any ATM
  • Card can be personalized or non-personalized and is issued to existing Abbey customers.
  • Acceptance for Payment: Can be used at Point of Sale (POS) terminals, ATM machines and online payments.
  • Access to cash: Gives you 24-hour access to funds from ATMs in Nigeria.
  • Safety: Employs the use of Chip & PIN technology to guard against unauthorized transactions.
  • Easy reloading via cash deposit at an Abbey branch.
  • validity for 3 years
  • Standing order for weekly/monthly or quarterly reload
  • Standing order set-up for card top-up

How to Apply

Transaction Limits

  • Daily loading limit: N100,000
  • Maximum Card Balance: N250,000 (however opt for limit increase up to N1 million)
  • Local POS & Web transactions: N500,000

*Please note that POS transactions are free.