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Electronic Banking

Reflect Yourself Card

Abbey Reflect Yourself (RY) Card is a chip and pin debit card which gives customers the freedom to create a unique look and feel on their card. The Abbey customer is at liberty to select any picture of their choice (Must have license to use image) which would act as the artwork on the front of his/her card once produced.


  • The card is secured with a chip and PIN technology for enhanced protections of funds.
  • The card is Naira denominated.
  • The RY card can be personalized with any picture chosen by the cardholder.
  • The card is valid for three years
  • Increase on POS/Web transactions are available on request


  • Carry your smile and memories everywhere you go
  • Customers can spend in Naira which they are most comfortable with
  • Receive alerts on all transactions (purchases, transfers and withdrawals)
  • Accepted nation-wide: POS, Web, ATM

Who Can Apply

Any Abbey customer with an active account.