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Electronic Banking

eBanking FAQs

1. What is E-channel Banking (or E-Banking)?

The automated delivery of new and traditional banking products and services directly to customers through electronic, interactive communication channels Internet banking (or E-banking) means any customer with a personal computer and/or other mobile device and a browser can get connected to commit certain transactions instantly.

2. What E-channel products are Abbey offering?
  1. Abbey Debit card (Classic & Reflect Yourself)
  2. USSD – (Mobile Banking)
  3. NIP / E-bills Pay – NIBSS Instant Transfers & Bill Payment platform (INBOUND ONLY)
  4. Quickteller & Pay Direct – (Interswitch Payment Platforms)
  5. POS
3. How do I request any of the E-Channel Products on offer?
  • Abbey Debit Card & USSD - contact your Account Office or the Customer Service Officer at your nearest branch and request an E-Channels Form, OR download the Form HERE www.abbeymortgagebank.com
  • NIP - Transfer just log onto the Internet banking portal or Mobile App of your non-Abbey bank, and select “Abbey Mortgage Bank Plc” as the recipient bank and enter beneficiary bank account number. NIBSS Transfers can be done at the non-Abbey Bank branch.
  • E-bills - Pay Visit the Funds Transfer at any Commercial Bank and request to make an E-Bills Transfer.

  • Note: a N250 charge applies.


  • Quickteller - is accessible Online OR via any bank ATM
  • PoS terminal - request a POS Application form from any branch (it is expected that you have an active bank account at Abbey Mortgage Bank Plc.
4. What is the difference between the Abbey Pre-Paid Card and the Abbey Debit Card?

An Abbey Prepaid Card is not linked to any bank account, and can be loaded with amounts as requested for use as any other card E.g Web purchases, ATM & POS terminals.

The Abbey Debit Card, on the other hand, is linked directly to your Abbey bank account, and does not require funds to be loaded upon request. Transaction alerts are received upon use of this card and can be used of all standard card functions within Nigeria.

5. How long does it take to issue a Debit or Prepaid Card?

From receipt of request and payment of Card, it takes 7-10 working days for cards to be issued and delivered.

6. What are the “Classic” and “Reflect Yourself” card designs all about?

The Abbey Classic Card design, is the standard Corporate design, whilst the Reflect Yourself (RY) card can be designed by the cardholder.

7. How do I collect my Abbey Debit Card?

All cards MUST be collected from the branch where your application was submitted.
You will be asked to sign the card Collection Register and complete the Card Release & Confirmation Form, from the Customer Service Officer. This completed form will trigger the confirmation of your card within an hour

8. How do I get my PIN for my Abbey Debit Card?

Your PIN will be sent to you via SMS BEFORE your Card is delivered.

9. What should I do if I don’t receive my PIN by the time my card arrives?

Advise the Customer Service Officer at your branch. Another PIN will be re-issued and sent to you via SMS, within the hour.

10. Can I disclose my PIN to a member of Abbey staff, if asked?

NO! You are not to disclose your PIN to anyone, not even to a member of staff. Should you do this, unathorised access to your account is possible and it is highly recommended that you go to the nearest ATM to change your PIN immediately.

11. What is the first thing I do when I collect my Debit Card?

Upon Collection of your card, CHANGE YOUR PIN! For the card to be fully activated for use.

12. What happens if my card is NOT activated?

You will NOT be able to make complete any DEBIT transactions (Such as Cash withdrawals, POS Purchases and transfers.

13. What do I do if my card gets lost or stolen?

Contact the E-Banking Support Team: 01-903 5726 (8am – 5pm),
08162734599, 08051829440, 08173656878, 07012720994
Or visit your nearest branch to report.

14. Common ATM Error Messages:
  1. “Issuer or Switch Inoperative” - This may be as a result of the Bank’s or Interswitch services being unavailable. Do try again later or during normal business hours.
  2. “Invalid Transaction” – Debit Card has not been confirmed. Complete Debit Card Release & Confirmation Form and submit to your Branch Customer Services Officer.
  3. “Invalid Account Selected” – The incorrect account type (Either Savings, or Current). Select the correct account type and try again. If problem persists, report to your nearest Branch.
15. How do you apply for USSD Mobile Banking service?

When completing the “E-Channels” Form, check the appropriate box under the “Abbey Mobile Banking” section.

The mobile number registered on our system you provided, is the number which will be automatically used to register your USSD service.

16. Can I register a different mobile number to what is registered on the system?

Yes, you may, but this will be treated as a new request, and the mobile number on our records will also be updated to reflect this change.

17. When does my USSD registration take effect?

You MUST Apply for an Abbey Debit Card BEFORE You can register for USSD
Your Abbey Debit card MUST be received, confirmed and activated before USSD can be functional.

18. What is the first thing I do once I have been registered for USSD?

Dial *322*801*0# to check your account balance, you will then be prompted to provide a 4-digit Pin. After your correct balance has been displayed, you know you have been fully enabled.

19. What are the various USSD codes and what do they do?
  • *322*801*0# - Check Account Balance
  • *322*801*amount# - Voice Top Up for own phone line
  • *322*801*mobile number*amount# - Voice Top Up another phone line
  • *322*801*account number*amount# - Funds Transfer
  • *322*801*Billers code*amount# - Bill payment
  • *322*801*Cust ID*Billers code*amount# - Bill payment with customer ID (Eg DSTV Smart card number)
20. What are the common error messages expected, and what do they mean?
  • “You have not been provisioned for this service, please contact your bank” - This means you have not been registered for the USSD service with Abbey. Apply for an Abbey Debit Card and Select “USSD” as an E-channel on the form. Ensure Debit Card has been received and is Activated.

  • If you have already received and activated your Debit Card, and the problem persists, contact your nearest branch or the E-Banking Dept.

  • “Transaction is being processed” - Transaction is taking some time to be processed. In this case wait for approx. 10mins to determine whether transaction has been successful by dialing *322*801*0# to check whether balance has changed. If so, the transfer has been initiated, so DO NOT Initiate again. If not, then try again.
  • “Service is unavailable” – The USSD service is offline and unable to support any transactions at this time or a general network failure. Give a few minutes and try again.
  • “Error performing request Unknown Error” – Network failure. Wait a few minutes and try again.
  • “Thanks. Your request is being processed and you will receive a notification shortly” – Transaction is being processed. Wait 10 mins, if nothing, carry out a “balance check” to confirm whether account has been debited. If not, try again.
  • “Connection problem or invalid MMI code” - Network failure. Wait a few minutes and try again.
  • “The Transaction you are attempting is currently not allowed by your bank. We recommend you contact the bank for a resolution - Network failure. Wait a few minutes and try again.
21. How do I change my USSD PIN?

USSD PIN change process flow:

  1. Enter *322#
  2. Select 7 (Extras)
  3. Select 2 (PIN change)
  4. Select 2 (Abbey Mortgage Bank Plc)
  5. Enter current PIN or default PIN if PIN was re-issued to default. (1234)
  6. Response with message Enter new PIN (enter 4-digit new PIN)
  7. Confirm new PIN

Message response is PIN change successful.

22. What happens if I have forgotten my USSD PIN?

Complete a PIN RESET / RE-ISSUE Form and submit to your nearest branch / E-Banking Department for a new PIN to be generated within 2 hours.

23. What happens if my phone gets lost or stolen?

Report to the Branch or E-Banking Department, for your USSD service to be disabled immediately.

24. Can I make a funds transfer from one Abbey account to another?

Not at this time, however you may use Quickteller or an ATM to transfer funds from one Abbey account to another.

25. What happens if I make a transfer using my USSD and by account gets debited with that amount, but the beneficiary’s account is not credited?

This may occur as a result of Network Issues or a fault at the beneficiary’s Bank.
Request for the customer to contact the beneficiary bank to investigate if the money has definitely been debited. Most banks take up to 3-5 working days to resolve by crediting the recipient’s account
It is also possible that the amount can be reversed back into the Abbey account, so carry out a “Balance Check” to be sure.

26. What should I do if when initiating a VTU transaction on USSD, and I get an error message with an Abbey debit transaction alert, but no alert from my network company confirming successful Top Up?

Wait a few minutes, then carry out a balance checker, as the transaction may have been automatically reversed and you balance has not changed. There may be network issues associated with your network carrier at the time. Wait a few minutes and try again.

27. What if I attempt a VTU (Voice Top Up) or funds transfer, and I receive a Debit SMS alert for the same sum, but the top up or transfer is not effected?

Dial *322*801*0# (Balance Check) to determine whether the transaction has been reflected in your balance, if no change, the amount has been automatically reversed and the transfer was unsuccessful. If there is a change, report to E-banking (or branch) for a resolution.

28. What is NIP?

NIP stands for NiBSS Instant Pay. It is an instant form of payment transfer from one account to another. Payments should be received within minutes by the beneficiary. At this time, this form of transfer payments is for Inflow (transfers into Abbey beneficiary accounts) ONLY.

29. What happens if my account is not credited with funds transferred from another bank?

This may occur when there is a general network failure during the transfer. Contact the E-banking (see Q.8), or visit your nearest Abbey Branch and complete an “E-Channels Dispense Error Form” for transfer to be either completed or reversed back to sender. Resolution time – 24hrs.

30. I could not find Abbey Mortgage Bank listed when I tried to initiate an online transfer from another bank?

This may happen in cases where a particular bank has not added Abbey to their Online banking platform. Abbey is still working through all the major banks to ensure that our customers banking or dealing other banks can make direct transfers to Abbey beneficiary accounts.

31. How do I make transfers to an Abbey account from counter at another bank, and can I send cash?

Today, you may walk into any of the following banks:
GTB, Zenith Bank, UBA, Access Bank, Fidelity Bank, Ecobank, Stanbic IBTC, Standard Chartered Bank, First Bank, FCMB, WEMA Bank & Diamond Bank (Web portal ONLY). Then request a form to make a NIP transfer.
You MUST ensure that you complete the form using the NUBAN account number for both sender’s bank and Abbey beneficiary.

32. What happens if funds transferred from another bank account (which has been debited), is not credited to the Abbey Beneficiary account?

This may occur as a result of Network Issues or an application issue at Abbey’s end. Report the matter to your nearest branch or E-banking Dept, and allow 24hrs for investigation and resolution.

33. Can I make a web purchase or transfer using by Abbey Debit Card on the internet or Quickteller?

Yes, this is now possible as “Safe Token” is now available for ALL cards used for web based transactions.
A web purchase with an Abbey Card, will trigger the input of an OTP password (which will be sent as an SMS to your registered phone number) as an additional level of security.