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The Abbey Brand Personality

In life every one cherishes to be a great personality. Maybe you have attended a party or an event where the revelry was in top gear and all of a sudden there was a pause because an important ‘personality’ had just arrived and needed to be announced or introduced. In fact, in this part of the world, a crowd would roar in ovation at the mention of the name of a great personality at any event or gathering.

Everyone has a personality. Your personality is your special attributes or qualities that make you stand out from others. Great personalities are famous people; people who have influenced or inspired others with their beliefs, styles, generosity, philanthropy, leadership etc.
As people have attributes so do brands.

Brand personality is the human characteristics a brand possesses.

It is the personification of a brand.

It is about looking at your company or products as a person and not as a thing.

It results from a long time interaction between the customers and the brand.

It is what customers look for in order to purchase the products.

Like humans, every brand has its own personality that stand it out among competitors. They are the human elements in the products or services that you render, and they add great impetus, and strengthen the brand image of the organization.


Down-to-Earth-We are approachable, courteous and always show a friendly attitude to our customers.

Strength– Standing the test of time despite the competition

Accommodating-Responding to the needs of customers

Can- do-spirit– Ensuring best satisfaction for our customers

In all, brand personality as perceived by the customer, allows them to elicit their affections and feelings towards the brand and therefore formulate brand attachment. It is emotional and can create long lasting brand loyalty.

What is YOUR perception of the Abbey Log brand personality?

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