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We Preached Abbey

Many years ago just seems like yesterday to make up a remarkable story for me.

Our journey started from our Head Office in December 1992 at Libra block, Eleganza Plaza Apapa, Lagos. At the time, manual banking was the norm as we all calculations were done manually for customers on General Ledgers : a herculean and dreaded task distributed amongst staff towards the end of every month.

Marketing was fun! We went to the “Customs Long Room” at the Seaport, met aviation officers at the airport and even did some marketing on public buses. Marketing was part of our lives and we reveled in it.

We started making progress in the Mortgage market, which enhanced the need to open our second branch in bustling and upcoming Festac Town. The marketing strategy was simple; make every home open an account with Abbey.

We worked every Saturday by visiting homes to propound “the gospel of Abbey”, which was an onerous task because the institution was new and many had never heard of a mortgage bank at that time. This made it essential for us to promote mortgage banking and increase awareness of our brand by using every available occasion to spread the ‘word’.
At every opportunity, we preached Abbey, so our siblings, aunts, uncles, friends and even the neighbor next door became our ‘internal’ marketers.

We were committed to our cause and relentless in the pursuit of custom, the daily distribution of flyers in the mornings until every resident (and their dog) knew about Abbey!
By our first year of operations, all efforts paid off as we found a place in the hearts of many residents through the provision of innovative banking services, loyalty, with a touch of good old fashion personal banking that endeared us to the hearts of the communities. Our patronage soared, to say the least!

The other competitors at the time fell by the wayside, as we strongly established our brand as a leader in the mortgage industry
Like a Mustard Seed, Abbey has grown over the years to be the cynosure of all eyes and a benchmark in the mortgage subsector of the Financial Services Industry.

Hard work does yield fruit, therefore; do not expect someone to walk the road for you.

Be yourself, develop your talent and knowledge, do the right things and the world will beckon at you…

Have you preached Abbey?

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